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Liron Asgraud [userpic]
On to Part 3
by Liron Asgraud (dreamsofazure)
at September 28th, 2005 (03:04 pm)

Once the 2nd part was done the blimp appeared and scouped up the ones who passed. On the Blimp whoever was two men, both who seem to be the polar opposite of each other.

After the long three day blimp ride, and after the passenger got a fair amount of rest the blimp landed. A mysterious man had been leading the blimp however rumor was that he was the Hunter President. Though he seemed like a friendly man and made to get along with everyone ont he blimp. He also had a compaion with him, while one was a muscual build and tall with get black hair that pointed upwards, his friend was slender and slightly smaller with a frosty white color hair. What was most clear to everyone was that they were together for a long time.

When the blimp was unloaded and everyone filed out the mystery was sloved.

The black hair man smiled and announced the new event and trail. "Well to the maze part of the exam. You will start here then travel downards into the building. Once you reach the ground floor in a limited amount of time you will be granted with the prize. However!" The man held up his finger with a smile, "You must work in teams. So quickly buddy up with someone you trust and pick up one of these." The speaker picked up something that looked like hand cuffs. "You place them like this." His white haird friend gave him a quick glare as he placed the gold color and technologicaly advance hand cuffs on their wrists.

"See? Until the end of the trail these will not come off and your stuck together! Well good luck! see you at the finish line!" As the spicky hair main dragged off the other, you could hear the faintest of grumbles about how preverted this all was.

lil_hunter_grl [userpic]
Hunter Exam, Start of Second Test
by lil_hunter_grl (lil_hunter_grl)
at September 12th, 2005 (10:04 pm)

current mood: contemplative

Sosha watched as a bookish, librarian lady stepped out of the door to what looked like a giant room. The woman gave them a smile that seemed at once gentle and wolfish. She looked them all over, like she was unsure if any of them deserved to be there.

"Well now, looks like a good amount of you little chickies made it this far. More than I expected, actually. I hope you're all ready for this next test!" she said, pushing the glasses up on her nose a bit.

"You bet we're ready!" one guy shouted from the back of the crowd. He had barely made it through the run, but he seemed confident that he would continue on, even if it was something that would be strenuous.

"That's the spirit! Now, my chickies, I hope you all remembered to bring your number 2 pencils! This second exam is the written part of this exam...well, sort of. There will be two short answer essay questions and fifty multiple choice questions. This exam is meant to test how well you were using observation skills from the time you entered the run to the time you arrived here. If you guess, I will know and if you do not pass with at least a 60% score, you will fail this exam and there will be no repeats of it." she said, smiling at them all pleasantly.

"WHAT?!?!" a few guys yelled, shocked and angry. "You can't test us on that! We were concentrating on running! There's no way we can remember everything we saw!"

"If you feel that way, you can leave. Anyone who does not want to continue this exam may leave. If you wish to continue, enter the room and grab a number 2 pencil from the back." The examiner said, directing them before going to sit back.

Sosha sighed, knowing that this test would be something different than book knowledge. She started to think back on everything she'd observed, from behavior of the others taking the exam to the plants and animals she'd seen in the last stretch. 'There must be more to this test than she's telling. Everyone would have observed different things, noticed different things. Since perspective is different for everyone, she must have some way that she'll grade this that isn't a normal grading system. She said she'd know if we guess, and I'll bet she'll somehow know if we lie as well....so, we just have to answer as honestly as we can. It shouldn't be too hard if you think of it like that....Even if we don't know how she'll grade us, it's obvious it's something to do with observing. Perhaps it would have things that were common to more than one person.' Sosha sighed again, and entered the room.

Liron Asgraud [userpic]
by Liron Asgraud (dreamsofazure)
at September 7th, 2005 (01:19 pm)

The man came to a slow stop at the exit and smiled at the group. "we are now half way done with this exam, so feel proud you got this far!" He clapped his hands together and smiled again.

"Well now for part two. NO GROANS! That would be just rude now. Oh stick close to me, there are many of dangerous monsters here, that would love to eat you all." The examer waved a hand and left through the door and down an unpathed path.

Liron Asgraud [userpic]
Attention Hunters!
by Liron Asgraud (dreamsofazure)
at August 29th, 2005 (11:16 pm)

In the small and cramped room where all 400 some odd hunters-to-be waited, a voice over the speaker system rang through the under ground room.

"Attention Hunter candidates" The non discript voice spoke.

"The Hunter exam will start in one hour, during which time please enjoy your stay in the new and improved furbished waiting room." There was a sudden click that sounded the end of the transmission.

While the transmission sounded that only an hour of was left until the grueling first exam started, the room filled with tension. Other candidates took this hour to rest, others took it to sum up the competitions, or well get rid of the competition ahead of time.

As the hour passed a plain looking man walked out and smiled at the group, He raised his hands to silence any conversation that still took place.

"This will be the start of your first exam, please follow me."

Click of his heel the slender man took into a brisk walk through two heavy metal doors and seemed to expect the group to follow.

Liron Asgraud [userpic]
by Liron Asgraud (dreamsofazure)
at August 25th, 2005 (04:06 pm)

"Liron here testing out this piece of junk, Looks like it is working... mmm"

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